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Living on a boat, you get used to life without a car. We transport groceries on our bike handlebars and we frequent shops that are no further than walking distance from the port where we’re moored or anchored.

But anytime someone we know comes around with a car, we pounce on the opportunity like a frisky cat on a can of tuna. Which means that rather than treat our friends Bill and Grace to fruity cocktails on board Hideaway after their long drive to see us, instead we dragged them on a trip to Petco in Charleston, South Carolina.

Which is how our sailing cats, Charlie and Celia, came to benefit from these amazingly practical purchases:

1. The Litter Kwitter


I have coveted this Litter Kwitter kit (with DVD, shall I add) ever since I first saw this creepy cat’s face in a Skymall Magazine 5 years ago. As amused by the idea as I was, though, I could never actually bring myself to order a cat toilet training kit by mail. It just seemed wrong. I mean, does this cat not look like he’s thinking, “After I take this crap, I will get revenge by shredding your shoes”?

But, when I saw this box on the shelf at Petco, I knew it was meant to be. I could just see our cats peeing and pooping in the head, leaving our boat litter-free and smelling like a daisy. How amazing would that be?! So there you have it. You’re looking at Hideaway’s 8-week pet project for the Bahamas. I can’t wait to tell the cats.

2. Pet identification tags

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Did you know you can purchase pet tags and get them engraved on the spot at Petco? No mailing involved. Genius! And since Charlie has recently taken to jumping off the boat and making a run for it whenever she sees land, it seemed like a good idea to get tags made with our contact info on them. Just in case one of our naughty kitties tries to run off with a tomcat.

3. Pet costumes

charlie hideaway sailing with cats

I know it was wrong, and I should not be sharing this abuse, but in my defense there was a Clearance Rack at Petco, which included some outdated Halloween costumes like this “Navy Sailor Cat” outfit. How could I resist when it was only $4?! Please send my apologies to PETA.

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