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Memorial Day: Remembering my dad, Christian Louis Hacker thumbnail

Memorial Day: Remembering my dad, Christian Louis Hacker

As "Taps" is being played by a woman in an Army uniform holding a trumpet, another man in uniform stands at attention by my father's coffin. In this moment, I'm mostly focused on my mother, who I can feel trembling slightly beneath the grip of my fingers around her shoulder, which is why it takes me a moment to notice…

christian louis hacker obituary

What happens when you write a funny obituary

"I've been getting calls all morning about a garage sale. Tasha, what did you write in the paper?" My mother says in a high-pitched voice, which I recognize immediately from my childhood as the tone that says I'm in trouble. I've just returned from fetching the Albany Times Union from the gas station, knowing my father's obituary would be published…

sailing to st. martin turf to surf blog

Sailing to St. Martin: Things Said In 24 Hours

Things said on board Hideaway in the last 24 hours: "You only have 3 things to worry about: Keeping the course as close to 125 degrees as possible, keeping the mainsail filled and not falling overboard. Got it? I'm off to bed." "Just something to keep in mind, I'm not entirely sure that meat you're eating is any good." "Is…

Whirling Dervishes? thumbnail

Whirling Dervishes?

"Hey, look! A whirling dervish!" Ryan exclaims with delight and confusion, like he's just spotted a floating Dairy Queen selling soft-serve off the coast of Virgin Gorda. Despite the smile on his face, there's something about the way Ryan is pointing to starboard with his neck strained to get a better view of the sky that quickly alerts me to…

tasha hacker hideaway turf to surf cruising us virgin islands

On Re-entry: The Return of Turf to Surf

I’m standing frozen in place in the condiments aisle of my hometown grocery store, twirling my hair mindlessly as I scan the mile-long shelf of peanut butter choices. Skippy. Jiffy. Peter Pan. Crunchy. Semi-crunchy. Chunky. Creamy. Honey-roasted. All natural. Organic. 50% reduced fat. Low sodium. Low calorie. Low sugar. Low cholesterol. Dairy free. What the...? I just want peanut butter…

hideaway marina tropical luperon dominican republic

Something’s missing on Hideaway

“Did you look behind the settee?” I ask. “Yes.” “What about under the V-Berth?” “Yep.” “In the bilge by the back water tank?” “I wouldn’t have put it there,” Ryan says flatly. “But did you look? Because at this point it could be anywhere.” “I looked. It’s not there.” “Wait! What about in the space above the fuel tank? Have…