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tasha hacker hideaway turf to surf cruising us virgin islands

On Re-entry: The Return of Turf to Surf

I’m standing frozen in place in the condiments aisle of my hometown grocery store, twirling my hair mindlessly as I scan the mile-long shelf of peanut butter choices. Skippy. Jiffy. Peter Pan. Crunchy. Semi-crunchy. Chunky. Creamy. Honey-roasted. All natural. Organic. 50% reduced fat. Low sodium. Low calorie. Low sugar. Low cholesterol. Dairy free. What the...? I just want peanut butter…

hideaway marina tropical luperon dominican republic

Something’s missing on Hideaway

“Did you look behind the settee?” I ask. “Yes.” “What about under the V-Berth?” “Yep.” “In the bilge by the back water tank?” “I wouldn’t have put it there,” Ryan says flatly. “But did you look? Because at this point it could be anywhere.” “I looked. It’s not there.” “Wait! What about in the space above the fuel tank? Have…

Turf to Surf | Liebster Award Sailing Blog

Liebster Award for Sailing Blogs: The Kick in the Ass I Needed

This weekend I went to the Annapolis Boat Show, which is a dangerous thing to do when you’re temporarily estranged from your boat. Boat shows have a way of both inspiring and frustrating me. I am inspired by the sailors I meet and the adventures they’ve had, and yet I’m also frustrated that I don’t have a spare $2.5 million…

clipper race leg 8 henri lloyd

Crazy Calm: Day 5 of the Clipper Race from Derry to Den Helder

It feels like a homecoming of sorts, getting back on Henri Lloyd after seven months away from the boat. When I said good-bye to my crew in Albany, Australia, I had no plans to do any more legs of the Clipper Race, so I moved on with my life and revisited Clipper solely as a spectator and Henri Lloyd supporter…

clipper race derry-londonderry race start

Clipper Race from Derry to Den Helder: The first 48 hours

*cough* *hack* *sneeze* *sniffle* The cacophony of sputtering, sniffling, hacking and honking erupt from various locations above and below deck on Henri Lloyd as we pull away from the coast of Derry-Londonderry, Northern Ireland to prepare for the race start. Before I left New York on a flight to Derry, my schedule was overflowing with work projects while the days…

Clipper Race Leg 8: A legend-Derry stopover thumbnail

Clipper Race Leg 8: A legend-Derry stopover

Kevin, my Henri Lloyd teammate passes me the rugby ball and I take off running. Running is generally where I do well, whereas catching…well, let’s just say I’m better with my legs than I am with my hands. So when the ball lands in my palms without bouncing into the arms of an opponent, I do what any self-respecting player…