Photo Essay: Great Ocean Road Australia

Photo Essay: Great Ocean Road Australia thumbnail

We are saying our good-byes in Melbourne after spending two days with our friend Damien, a jazz musician we met in New York four years ago, when he asks, “Where are you headed now?” “I’m not really sure,” Ryan says. “We’re heading towards Sydney and we thought we’d hit the Great Ocean Road on the way.” “Um. You know that’s… Read more

Photo Essay: Animals of Australia

Photo Essay: Animals of Australia thumbnail

By the time we pick up our dollar-a-day Apollo camper van, Ryan is chomping at the bit to put miles behind us and get out into the middle of the big, wild Australian Outback. Except I’m still looking for kangaroos. And I’m concerned that if we start driving, we won’t get very far because I’ll have to chase down every… Read more

Photo Essay: Lesotho

Photo Essay: Lesotho thumbnail

Pulling up to the Monantsapas border between South Africa and the tiny country of Lesotho in a 4-wheel-drive van, there is a visible line where the tarmac ends and the muddy path winding up into the mountains begins. A man with a wool blanket draped over his shoulders leads his horse on foot while texting on his mobile phone. He… Read more

Photo Essay: Pilanesberg & Lion Park Safaris

Photo Essay: Pilanesberg & Lion Park Safaris thumbnail

“No, Tasha, you can NOT cuddle the lions. Get back in the car. No, not the giraffes either.” Ryan tends to say this a lot as we drive through South Africa. There are just so many beautiful animals everywhere, it takes all of my willpower to stay in the car and keep the windows closed as instructed when really I… Read more

Photo Essay: Paddleboarding in Cabarete, Dominican Republic

cabarete lagoon dominican republic

We push our way through the reeds to head back

In a slow, lilting, surfer’s voice, our paddleboarding guide John identifies each plant we see, sometimes tearing off a leaf and shoving it in his mouth. We’ve only known him for 5 minutes, but we scramble after John through a winding natural maze in his backyard leading down to a lagoon, pausing now and then to hear what he says… Read more

Photo Essay: Motorbike trip to Rio San Juan

dominican republic motorcycle trip

The sun’s out – time for a Dominican adventure

My first weekend motorcycle trip felt like a milestone achievement when I pulled into Rio San Juan with Ryan on the back of the bike and all my limbs still in tact. Despite my fears, the trip was nothing short of breath-taking, scenic and exhilarating. The wind whipped my hair into knots as we rolled up, down and around one… Read more

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