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By the time we pick up our dollar-a-day Apollo camper van, Ryan is chomping at the bit to put miles behind us and get out into the middle of the big, wild Australian Outback.

Except I’m still looking for kangaroos.

And I’m concerned that if we start driving, we won’t get very far because I’ll have to chase down every kangaroo I see until it agrees to pose in multiple Tasha + Kangaroo selfies.

“It could take days just to reach the Nullarbor,” I warn Ryan.

“But it’s getting late,” Ryan complains in the Apollo parking lot. “If we don’t get moving, we’re not going to get anywhere by sunset.”

“Yes, but think of how long it could take us otherwise. There are kangaroos, koalas, wombats… so many animals! I could just get it over with now, cuddle ALL OF THEM, and then we’ll be free to drive to your heart’s content.”

“What is this place you want to go to?” Ryan says, looking defeated.

“It’s called Caversham Wildlife Park and it’s like 20 minutes north of here and they have a kangaroo petting zoo, and koalas and tons of weird animals. Can we, can we?” I plead.

Ryan looks at his watch, then looks at the camper van and sighs. “But we’re going east, and we still need to go to the store and pick up supplies…”

“Just think of my safety,” I say, as Ryan squints at me skeptically. “You don’t want me jumping out of a moving vehicle every time I see fur. That will totally happen. I need to cuddle some kangaroos. Pete told me they have Albino kangaroos at Caversham and you can pet them, and feed them and take pictures of them.”

“Pete also said there are drop bears,” Ryan says.


caversham wildlife park animals of australia

We both win! I get kangaroos and Ryan gets his picture taken…as a koala.

feeding kangaroos animals of australia

I am in Kangaroo Heaven. Pete was totally not lying.

caversham wallabee photo essay animals of australia

Wallabees! I had no idea these guys were like tiny, adorable kangaroos. I’m offering this little guy a home in our new camper van. I think he’s considering it.

caversham koala photo essay animals of australia

I once begged my parents for a pet koala and they said, “Eucalyptus trees don’t grow in New York.” What they should have said was, “Koalas don’t do anything but sleep.” Not that that would have put me off…

koala caversham photo essay animals of australia

Yep, still sleeping. But they’re so cute, aren’t they?

parrot photo essay animals of australia

In the “Wombat & Friends” tent, we get to hang out with some pretty birds…

strange bird animals of australia photo essay

And some less pretty ones. Like this guy, who looks like someone glued a frog to his face. (High fives to anyone who can identify this strange bird, BTW.)

animals of australia owl

Anyone know what kind of owl this Aussie relative of E.T. might be?

owl animals of australia photo essay

“Dude, am I the only normal-looking owl in here?”

photo essay animals of australia bandicoot

It’s a mouse! It’s a kangaroo! It’s a kangaroo mouse! No? Oh, of course, it’s a bandicoot!

animals of australia adorable bandicoot

These adorable bandicoots are marsupials, like so many of Australia’s strange animals.

golden possum caversham animals of australia

This is  “Buttercup,” a friendly golden possum, and also a marsupial.

caversham wildlife wombat and friends animals of australia

The audience’s reaction to meeting the “star of the show.” At least the children weren’t alone in their confusion. I was also there, asking “WTF? That’s a BAT?!”

caversham animals of australia wombat

It turns out a “wombat” is not a bat. But a “flying fox” is. Go figure.

apollo camper van australia road trip

“Okay, NOW can we get this road trip started?” Ryan asks.

What other weird Australian animals do you know of? Other than the dubious Nannup Tiger (aka Thylacine), that is… I might just go back and track them down. Seriously.

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  • Janice Stringer January 27, 2014, 11:48 am

    Love the post – an ostrich met outside an outback toilet was the weirdest creature for me!
    Loved your purple flip flops – looking at them made me feel all relaxed and interested in the rest of your WA adventure. Tell me more!!

    • Tasha January 27, 2014, 3:37 pm

      That must have been something, seeing an ostrich! I never got too close to one, unfortunately. And don’t worry… lots more Aussie adventures coming up! 🙂
      Tasha recently posted…Photo Essay: Animals of AustraliaMy Profile

  • Tony Plunkett January 27, 2014, 2:48 pm

    Gotta love the Tawny Frogmouth …

  • MJ Sailing January 28, 2014, 1:06 am

    You saw a Potoo! I’m so jealous! I just found out what those are last week, and now I desperately want to see one myself. That’s it. Australia just looks too cool. It is now on my bucket list.
    MJ Sailing recently posted…Close Encounters of the Dolphin KindMy Profile

    • Tasha January 28, 2014, 1:48 am

      Wait, what?! Which one is the Potoo? Do you mean the guy with the frog face? Or do you mean the guy with the yellow bug-eyes?
      Tasha recently posted…Photo Essay: Animals of AustraliaMy Profile

  • Yong Soon Hacker January 28, 2014, 8:35 pm

    They are so cute! I love those animals! you and Ryan look really good too!

  • Kris February 20, 2014, 2:18 am

    ostrich, we don’t have no ostriches, we have Emu’s.

  • HESANDI September 27, 2015, 8:13 am


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