Welcome to Turf to Surf’s Travel and Sailing Videos, where we video document some of our most exciting adventures both on and off the boat. Our little video experiments here have led to a much bigger project, our YouTube Channel, Chase the Story, where we document our voyage around the world on our new boat, Cheeky Monkey. Check it out at

When we started shopping for a new boat, it became time to clean up Hideaway and get her ready to be sold to a new, loving owner. This is the story of our good-bye visit to Hideaway.
Tasha participated in a triathlon wedding for her friends John and Katherine, who got married in June 2015. This story is about the adventure..
Tasha and Ryan complete Levels 1, 2 and 3 of Clipper Round the World Race training. This video is a summary of Tasha’s Level 2 and 3 Training, including her boat’s delivery from Gosport, UK to London.
Tasha and Ryan learn to wakeboard in Cabarete, The Dominican Republic. Which turned out to be much more successful than that time Tasha tried to kiteboard and ended up in the hospital.
We made this little video while dinghying and snorkeling around Norman’s Cay, Bahamas, home of a drug smuggler’s sunken airplane. If you’ve ever heard of Carlos Lehder and his reign of terror on Norman’s Cay, then you’ll be interested to know he may be returning (now that he’s out of prison).
Okay, so it took two attempts to sail across the Gulf Stream from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to the Bahamas, having nearly sunk our boat the first time. But we got there! This video is of our second, more successful Gulf Stream crossing.