Moroccan Henna: The Branding of a Gullible Tourist

Moroccan Henna: The Branding of a Gullible Tourist thumbnail

After hours of walking through the winding maze of narrow streets that branch out from the center of the Marrakesh Bazaar, we finally reach a wide open space surrounded by tourist restaurants, snake charmers and roaming vendors who try desperately to push their trinkets into our hands in an effort to make an impromptu sale. It’s here that I know… Read more

Morocco Markets: Objects of My Desire

Morocco Markets: Objects of My Desire thumbnail

Sailing into Rabat, Morocco It was hard to focus on helming as we pulled into the harbor in Rabat, Morocco, as I stared with wonder at the ancient stone structures lining the right side of the entrance and the colorful wooden fishing boats bobbing up and down on their moorings. I sensed that we hadn’t just left Europe; we’d sailed… Read more

Cheeky Monkeys in Gibraltar

cheeky monkeys in gibraltar sailing blog turf to surf

It’s always a little nerve-wracking pulling our 24-foot-wide catamaran through a narrow entrance, past the sharp bowsprits lining the docks with what feels like just inches to spare. But, luckily, as big as our boat is, with two engines, Cheeky Monkey turns on a dime, so I had little trouble nudging our boat safely up to the scary concrete wall… Read more

What the…?! (Interrupting our regularly scheduled programming)

What the…?! (Interrupting our regularly scheduled programming) thumbnail

Hey everyone! Ooh, sorry! Didn’t mean to scare you! You probably weren’t expecting to find anyone in here since I disappeared a few weeks ago. Really sorry about that. I even got a few messages from people asking if I would please respond to their emails so they could stop worrying that I might have boarded Malaysia Airlines flight MH370… Read more

The dog on the tuckerbox

The dog on the tuckerbox thumbnail

“We’re seriously low on petrol. Do you see any service stations on the map?” Ryan asks. “Oh, that’s what you call them!” I say. “I’ve been searching ‘gas stations’ all this time and nothing came up.” Ryan lets out a groan of exhaustion. We’ve been driving for a good five hours through the nothingness that lies along the Hume Highway… Read more

An Australian friendship tour

An Australian friendship tour thumbnail

“My friend Andrew lives in Perth…” I’m squinting from a hangover and the overly persistent Australian sunlight as I try to hold a coherent conversation with our new friend Andrew, who graciously let Ryan and I roll out our sleeping bags and sleep on his living room floor the night before. As I stroll slowly along a quiet street in… Read more

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