Psst! You Still Here??? (A Long Overdue Update)

Psst! You Still Here??? (A Long Overdue Update) thumbnail

Looking at the date of my last post, I have not written anything on Turf to Surf for two and a half years. What?! TWO AND A HALF YEARS?! That sounds about right, actually. I kind of feel like I’m just waking up from a coma. In any case, I apologize for disappearing so abruptly and without explanation (apart from… Read more

5 Lessons Learned from Managing a Crew

5 Lessons Learned from Managing a Crew thumbnail

When Cheeky Monkey reached the Canary Islands after five days at sea, it was clear the crew needed a stiff drink and some space. This was our “shakedown,” our test run for the Atlantic crossing with our full crew of six: Meg and Kristi, our friends from the ’13-14 Clipper Round the World Race, Morgan, a French solo sailor we… Read more

Cheeky Monkeys in Gibraltar

cheeky monkeys in gibraltar sailing blog turf to surf

It’s always a little nerve-wracking pulling our 24-foot-wide catamaran through a narrow entrance, past the sharp bowsprits lining the docks with what feels like just inches to spare. But, luckily, as big as our boat is, with two engines, Cheeky Monkey turns on a dime, so I had little trouble nudging our boat safely up to the scary concrete wall… Read more

7 lessons learned catching our first fish

7 lesson learned catching our first fish mediterranean turf to surf

“Fish on!” I hear John scream, slowly nudging me out of a deep sleep below deck. I pull on some clothes and rush up on deck to find Ryan running around the cockpit, desperately searching for something. “We don’t have a gaff! Wait, I have a trident!” He pulls a long-handled deck brush out of the lazarette. “No, that’s not… Read more

Making it Work in Menorca

making it work in menorca turf to surf sailing around the world

As I pulled on a layer of thermal underwear and dug out my buried collection of wool socks, I realized that Ryan and I had out-stayed the warmth of yet another region. Being October in Menorca and already too cold for flip-flops, it was time to leave the Mediterranean and the Balearic Islands and start making our way towards the… Read more

Choosing the right boat for us: the Fountaine Pajot Helia 44

fountaine pajot helia 44 turf to surf

It’s 2008 and Ryan has suggested that we buy a sailboat with some of the profit we made in our first year of running our own business, Teaching House. “But what the hell would we do with a boat?” I protest. “We don’t even know how to sail!” “We’ll learn,” says Ryan, with the kind of bold confidence he exudes… Read more

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