The Shoreseeker Challenge: Rowing Across the Mediterranean

shoreseeker challenge rowing across the mediterranean

The first time our rowboat capsizes, I am completely unprepared for such a violent experience. Though, it’s true, I imagined this moment many times in flutters of pre-race panics, I also convinced myself that my fears were irrational, that the images in my head of being trapped underwater, held down by the weight of a rolled-over boat, were exaggerations; byproducts… Read more

Clipper Race Leg 8: A legend-Derry stopover

Clipper Race Leg 8: A legend-Derry stopover thumbnail

Kevin, my Henri Lloyd teammate passes me the rugby ball and I take off running. Running is generally where I do well, whereas catching…well, let’s just say I’m better with my legs than I am with my hands. So when the ball lands in my palms without bouncing into the arms of an opponent, I do what any self-respecting player… Read more

Learning to wakeboard in Cabarete

Learning to wakeboard in Cabarete thumbnail

I know I’ve only just recovered from that little kiteboarding accident that landed me in the Cabarete ER not long ago. But how could I possibly turn down an offer to learn to wakeboard on the Rio Sabaneta de Yásica? The truth is, I couldn’t. I mean, Cabarete isn’t called the Adventure Sports Capital of the Caribbean for nothing. This… Read more

Visiting the E.R. in the D.R.

Visiting the E.R. in the D.R. thumbnail

As I flew through the air Superman-style, arms outstretched and legs trailing behind me a good four feet off the ground, a frantic stream of panicked messages streaked my consciousness. “Shit, don’t land on your knees, your knees are for running, not the knees, this is not good…” then SLAM! I was buried face-down in the sand, unable to breathe… Read more

Kiteboarding in Cabarete

Kiteboarding in Cabarete thumbnail

If there’s anything you should know about me, it’s that I have a passion for throwing myself into extremely expensive sports that require years of practice, tons of gear and very specific geographical conditions to master. So, imagine my excitement when I discovered that just down the road from where we were in Luperon was one of the world’s Top… Read more

Fitness Afloat: Learning to use our TRX

Fitness Afloat: Learning to use our TRX thumbnail

Like many a sailor preparing to transition to a life of cruising, I spent countless months in New York devouring sailing blogs, reading books and listening to tales of the disasters and triumphs of many old salts who once lived on the high seas. From stories like Maiden Voyage by Tania Aebi, I took comfort and gained confidence; if a… Read more

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