7 Self-help Tips (from one cat to another)

Dear New-to-Cruising Kitty, Let me first assure you, I know what you’re going through. Your “owners” have decided to give up their land lives and move onto a boat. With you. And, of course, they didn’t ask first what you thought. They just plucked you from your large, comfortable home and dropped you onto a vessel only slightly larger than… Read more

Litter Kwitter: Toilet Training our Cats

litter kwitter sailing with cats

“No, seriously, have you seen how ridiculous that cat looks?”

With two humans on board Hideaway so busy learning new skills like engine repair, wiring, fishing, cooking, and finding new and daily uses for silicone, it didn’t seem fair to let the cats off the hook just because they lack opposable thumbs. I mean, sailing with cats isn’t all purring and cuddles. We spend a great deal of time cleaning… Read more


We checked the weather gribs, consulted with other cruisers, loaded up the boat with food and 12 Bota Boxes (the equivalent of 48 bottles of wine), took Hideaway out for a pre-Bahamas shakedown, gave the cats their motion-sickness pills, bungee-corded the bikes down, filled up with diesel and water and, finally, settled in for what was going to be a… Read more

Shaving the Cats: The Barber of Vero Beach

sailing with cats turf to surf

I had two missions when I woke up this morning: 1) shave the cats, and 2) film the process on our new GoPro camera. Sailing with our cats, Charlie (the “Polar Bear”) and Celia (the “Cow”), has meant putting up with two long-haired fur balls who puff up like sheep in cold weather and, as soon as it gets warm… Read more

Sailing with Cats: Adopting a boat kitty

Our friends on Serendipity had been throwing around the idea of getting a boat cat for a while. So when they found out that Anthyllide got their sailing cat Allie from St. Marys last year, they decided to check out the local animal shelter to see if they had any kittens. Sure enough, Georgiana, a 6-month-old gray-and-black tiger cat nudged… Read more

Cruisers’ Thanksgiving in St. Marys

With the anchor up at 6 am on Thanksgiving morning, we were back on our typically rushed schedule to cover 35 statute miles by a deadline: the 1:00 pm cruisers’ potluck Thanksgiving dinner in St. Marys, Georgia. Luckily, the day’s journey wasn’t nearly as brutal on the ICW as the previous day’s trip on the ocean. The sun was out… Read more

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