Photo Essay: The ICW in review

The Intracoastal Waterway (ICW), for those of you who aren’t familiar with it, is a 3000-mile waterway system that runs the length of the eastern United States along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. It’s partially made up of natural rivers, inlets and creeks and where natural waterways didn’t exist, artificial canals and locks were dug, providing a way for boats… Read more

On the ICW and becoming less “civilized”

intracoastal waterway great dismal swamp

“I’m glad we did it, but I’m not sure I’d do it again,” was my husband Ryan’s underwhelmed sentiments about our trip down the Intra-Coastal Waterway. Which surprised me because for at least two years before this trip, Ryan found every opportunity to bring up the ICW in conversation, either to friends or total strangers at the bar. “Did you… Read more

Keep Calm and Carry On: The Bridges of the ICW

intracoastal waterway bridges fort lauderdale

Ryan was glad to hang up the VHF radio when we finally got to Fort Lauderdale. There were 27 bridges that needed hailing between Riviera Beach and Fort Lauderdale, and only a handful of those bridge tenders were in a good mood. In fact, the last bridge we hailed before pulling into Cooley’s Landing Marina shot us a snarky, “I… Read more

Pirates and Winches

It turns out the only way to get a vacation from boat work is to get away from the boat. Which is why I spent 4 glorious days in the Florida Keys not working on anything but running, a tan and a tolerance for fruity cocktails. But the holiday is over, so I’m back in Riviera Beach, Florida, furiously scratching… Read more

Good-bye, Vero Beach

vero beach dinghy dock

So many dinghys in Vero Beach!

23 days. That’s how long it takes for me to go insane, apparently. It happened slowly; probably while we were tearing apart our boat to run endless wires behind cupboards and floorboards to our battery bank (more on that project later). Or shaving the cats to keep their shedding fur from clogging up our bilge as well as our nostrils… Read more

6 Lessons in 24 Hours: Titusville Florida to Vero Beach

save a lot titusville

Mighty Mouse, loaded up with “Save A Lot” booty

1. A cheap grocery store is worth the taxi fare We asked our taxi driver in Titusville to drop us off at some shops by the marina so we could walk through town and pick up a few essentials on the way home. Which is how we found “Save A Lot,” a down-home local grocery store that was so cheap… Read more

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