Trail of tears: Clipper Race Leg 3

Trail of tears: Clipper Race Leg 3 thumbnail

As we approach the halfway point of the Clipper Race from South Africa to Australia, the wear and tear starts to show on Henri Lloyd’s crew of marathon ocean racers. We fight the effects of physical and mental exhaustion as we battle it out with Great Britain and OneDLL to stay on top of the leaderboard. But the effects are… Read more

Lest we forget: Remembering my grandfather

Lest we forget: Remembering my grandfather thumbnail

On November 11th, as we flinched like a battle weary crew from a wave crashing overhead, the skipper came up on deck and informed us all it was Remembrance Day. He bowed his head and asked for a moment of silence to remember the sacrifices of the soldiers of World War I and anyone who fought for our freedom. So… Read more

Clipper Race Leg 3: Sailing the Southern Ocean

Clipper Race Leg 3: Sailing the Southern Ocean thumbnail

I must have drunk a boat-load of South African wine when I committed to writing a blog post a week while racing a yacht 4,800 miles across the Southern Ocean to Australia. But it’s easy to make commitments like that when you’re on dry, forgiving land. Now, one week into the race, I’m throwing that plan out the window. Because… Read more

Jobs on a racing yacht

Jobs on a racing yacht thumbnail

If you were to ask me and Ryan to specify our jobs on board our 34-foot cruising boat, Hideaway, we’d probably give you a blank look. Because with only two crew members, there isn’t much specialization happening on our boat. We’re both skippers, helmsmen, trimmers, engineers, navigators, electricians, galley slaves, sail repairmen and whatever is needed in the moment. But… Read more

Racing the Clipper Race to Cape Town

Henri Lloyd Clipper Race Cape Town

“No, NO! Go south!” Ryan grumbles, waking me up out of a deep sleep. I open my eyes to find him in bed next to me, glaring at his iPhone. We’re buried under a pile of duvets in a cozy double room at the Amphitheatre Backpackers in Drakensberg, South Africa, fully awake. But it will be some time before we… Read more

Clipper Race Stopover: Rio de Janeiro

marina da gloria rio de janeiro

Where the teams spread out their sails for repair at Marina da Gloria

When 250 or so booze-starved sailors turn up in Rio de Janeiro after four weeks at sea, things get a little messy. To start with, those of us lucky enough to arrive first discover there is a well-stocked bar and restaurant within spitting distance of the docks in Marina da Gloria, and they offer to stay open until the last… Read more

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