7 Pieces of Advice to Crew on the Clipper Round the World Race

henri lloyd clipper round the world race crew

The start of the 2015-2016 Clipper Round the World Yacht Race is exactly 4 weeks away. Which means there are about 250 amateur crew from all over the world who’ve signed up for Leg 1 of the race. And about half the crew on each boat have taken a huge leap and committed to doing the full round-the-world-race, which will… Read more

Crazy Calm: Day 5 of the Clipper Race from Derry to Den Helder

clipper race leg 8 henri lloyd

It feels like a homecoming of sorts, getting back on Henri Lloyd after seven months away from the boat. When I said good-bye to my crew in Albany, Australia, I had no plans to do any more legs of the Clipper Race, so I moved on with my life and revisited Clipper solely as a spectator and Henri Lloyd supporter… Read more

Clipper Race from Derry to Den Helder: The first 48 hours

clipper race derry-londonderry race start

Day 1 – Reintegration *cough* *hack* *sneeze* *sniffle* The cacophony of sputtering, sniffling, hacking and honking erupt from various locations above and below deck on Henri Lloyd as we pull away from the coast of Derry-Londonderry, Northern Ireland to prepare for the race start. Before I left New York on a flight to Derry, my schedule was overflowing with work… Read more

Clipper Race Leg 8: A legend-Derry stopover

Clipper Race Leg 8: A legend-Derry stopover thumbnail

Kevin, my Henri Lloyd teammate passes me the rugby ball and I take off running. Running is generally where I do well, whereas catching…well, let’s just say I’m better with my legs than I am with my hands. So when the ball lands in my palms without bouncing into the arms of an opponent, I do what any self-respecting player… Read more

A conversation about driving across Australia

A conversation about driving across Australia thumbnail

As Ryan sails from South Africa to Australia on board PSP Logistics, a predominantly Aussie boat, he takes the opportunity to glean some info from his Aussie crewmates about things to do and places to see in Australia. And the conversation goes like this: Ryan: Tasha and I are talking about getting a camper van when we get to Oz… Read more

Clipper Race to Australia: The final hours

Clipper Race to Australia: The final hours thumbnail

24 hours to race finish The final hours of any ocean race are a test of endurance, grit and tactics, as I learned in the Clipper Race from London to Rio. And this race to Australia is no different. Except for the fact that, this time, we have a good shot at first place. And we want it. Bad. But… Read more

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