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matt and georgi

Our friends on Serendipity had been throwing around the idea of getting a boat cat for a while. So when they found out that Anthyllide got their sailing cat Allie from St. Marys last year, they decided to check out the local animal shelter to see if they had any kittens.

Sure enough, Georgiana, a 6-month-old gray-and-black tiger cat nudged and purred her way into Matt and Jessica’s heart and into the companionway of Serendipity. So naturally, being cat lovers, we offered to help out with any pet supplies they might need. And what it turned out Georgie needed was flea medicine. So Ryan and I hopped on our bikes and cycled a few miles down the road in search of a pet store.

After about 5 miles, we came across a boarded-up broken door on a storefront called “Pet Comics,” which appeared to sell dirty fish tanks, comic books, dolls, and used video games, amongst other oddities. Figuring we had the wrong shop, we turned to leave when a guy yelled from the parking lot that he was open and rushed over to insist that he had whatever we needed. And he was probably right because when he unlocked his shop, he opened the door to a bizarre world in which someone could buy fish food, plastic bracelets, Garbage Pail Kids cards, Sci-Fi paperbacks, plastic troll dolls and, it turns out, flea and tick spray…all in this one-stop shop for hoarders.

pet comic st marys ga

“Pet Comic Store,” where you can buy a Richard Nixon mask to go with your flea spray.

With flea spray in hand, we were thrilled to have thrown a few dollars at a guy who looked like he desperately needed to sell some stuff before he was buried alive under it, and to help out our furry friend Georgie by keeping her bug-free.

Not to mention all those kitty play-dates we could now start scheduling with our boat buddies, Serendipity.

matt and georgi

Georgie’s found a good home with Matt and Jessica.

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