Photo Essay: Ocean World, Dominican Republic

dolphin hug ocean world dominican republic

Dolphin hugs are amazing

When I flew back to New York for my grandmother’s funeral, Ryan’s sister Carina and her two boys had just arrived to visit us in the Dominican Republic. And since I had no choice but to leave my visitors, I left Ryan behind to fulfill his role as Chief Entertainer and Favorite Uncle. When I returned, I only had three… Read more

Photo Essay: Long Island, Bahamas

santa maria resort long island bahamas

…and turned out to be a picture perfect stop

Since Long Island Bahamas has a relatively large population (4,000 people) compared to other islands in the Bahamas, we expected to see a string of developed townships as we drove through in our rickety rental car. But we were surprised and delighted to find that Long Island was as remote and sleepy as most of the other islands in the… Read more

Photo Essay: Chillin’ in George Town, Bahamas

chat-n-chill george town bahamas

Chat-n-Chill, the cruisers’ hangout of George Town

Turning up to George Town Bahamas for the annual Cruising Regatta felt a little like rafting up to a Carnival Cruise Liner or docking at a holiday camp for vacation. There were announcements every morning at 8 o’clock on VHF channel 72 letting you know the schedule of activities and events for the day, along with general announcements like, “The… Read more

Photo Essay: Warderick Wells Cay, Bahamas

warderick wells north mooring field bahams

The mooring field in front of Park Headquarters

I was all set to write about Warderick Wells Cay being the dullest island in the Exumas chain and how we would have moved on more quickly if it weren’t for the gale-force winds that kept us tied securely to a park mooring ball. But then I downloaded our photos and had to laugh out loud. Who would ever believe… Read more

Photo Essay: Allen Cay, Bahamas

After anchoring for a night off Highborne Cay in The Exumas, we decided to head 5 miles north to Allen Cay where an unusual species of iguanas are the islands’ main inhabitants. We’ve been known to get stuck in places to do boat repairs, but in the case of Allen Cay, we decided to stick around for one more night… Read more

Photo Essay: North Bimini Bahamas

As we take apart our engine on the beautiful island of Bimini Bahamas, I remember that cruising is defined as “working on your boat in exotic ports.” But, for us, it could also be defined as “enjoying exotic ports while waiting for marine parts to arrive.” It turns out, having arrived to Bimini Bahamas despite our engine troubles back in… Read more

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