Photo Essay: St. Marys, Georgia

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seagulls st marys georgia

How much I like a place seems to be directly proportionate to how warm the weather is and how often I get off the boat. By that criteria, St. Marys, Georgia is hands-down my favorite port so far.

Not only was the weather warm enough for me to run outside in shorts and a t-shirt, but the town of St. Marys itself was charming and understatedly beautiful. Though tiny and not at all a built-up tourist resort, St. Marys boasts quality food, a picturesque harbor with pelicans and sea otters, a few good museums, a waterfront snack shop with friendly clerks who are basically tourist information, an adorably sleepy main street, and stately trees dripping in Spanish moss.

But, really, above all, it’s the overwhelming hospitality of the people in St. Marys that makes you want to stay just a little bit longer.

waterfront st marys georgia

Walking along the waterfront is enjoyable in little St. Marys

market on the square st marys georgia

Cruisers can buy fudge and do laundry for $1/load at Market on the Square

main street st marys georgia

You’d be surprised to see any cars on the main street of St. Marys

golf cart st marys georgia

Residents drive around in some seriously souped-up golf carts!

no profanity st marys georgia

Watch your language here!

spanish moss st marys georgia

Grace, standing under the Spanish moss

swinging in the sun st marys georgia

Swinging on a porch swing by the waterfront

The sun setting over St. Marys' anchorage

The sun setting over St Marys Georgia

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