Photo Essay: Great Ocean Road Australia

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12 apostles great ocean road australia

We are saying our good-byes in Melbourne after spending two days with our friend Damien, a jazz musician we met in New York four years ago, when he asks, “Where are you headed now?”

“I’m not really sure,” Ryan says. “We’re heading towards Sydney and we thought we’d hit the Great Ocean Road on the way.”

“Um. You know that’s in the other direction?”

“What?” Ryan says, pulling out his iPhone.

“The Great Ocean Road is between Adelaide and here. On the coast. It’s in the other direction.” Damien says.

“Shit. We missed it?!” Ryan looks at me, crestfallen. I just shrug, feeling a little guilty I never looked at the map myself.

We were so desperate to reach civilization after crossing the Nullarbor that we made a bee-line for Melbourne in search of good wine, real coffee and, well, people.

“Ah well. Maybe it’s not that nice?” I say, trying to comfort Ryan.

“It’s the most beautiful road in the whole of Australia,” Damien says.

“Shit. I guess we’ll have to go back then,” I say, looking at Ryan and shrugging my shoulders again. “It’s the most beautiful road in the whole of Australia.”

With that, we drive off in the wrong direction to go find out if the Great Ocean Road really is as great as everyone says it is.

australia coastline great ocean road

We drove a long way in the wrong direction to wake up to this view.

great ocean road parking camping australia

Our little Apollo camper in the background has never had a prettier parking lot.

12 apostles australia great ocean road

2 of the famed “12 Apostles”.

great ocean road australia walkway

Walkways like this along the ocean call for a lot of reflective sitting.

echidna great ocean road australia

Look at this cute little guy I found in the grass! An echidna!

12 apostles selfie great ocean road

It wouldn’t be a true photo essay without a “selfie.”

12 apostles great ocean road australia

But the view without our heads in the way is much better.

grotto overhead great ocean road australia

The Grotto is just another great spot along the Great Ocean Road.

the grotto great ocean road australia

I think Ryan is glad we didn’t miss this road out, in the end.

unstable cliffs you may fall and die great ocean road

“You may fall and die.” I love Australia’s warning signs.

tasha great ocean road australia

Something about the water… I may not be on a boat right now, but I love the water…

seagull great ocean road australia

Okay, I know it’s a seagull, but isn’t he pretty?

vw camper great ocean road australia

I really really want this to be my next adventure home

ryan and marty great ocean road ayries inlet

The best thing about any road trip is we always have friends to drop in on anywhere in the world. This is Marty, who Ryan sailed to Australia with, in Ayrie’s Inlet.

perth melbourne Great Ocean Road Australia

Now that we’ve seen the Great Ocean Road, we can carry on. We’re 3,600 km from Perth. Brisbane, here we come!

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  • Janice Stringer February 21, 2014, 9:18 am

    Looks amazing…
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  • aishah February 24, 2014, 8:39 am

    i love australia.. i’ve been to so many city in australia. i love gold coast!! perth beach.. sydney opera house. sydney bridge is soooooo expensive. will go again. shopping there. hehehe

    please visit
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    • Tasha February 25, 2014, 11:48 am

      I totally agree. I love Australia, too. I could see myself living in Sydney… if I could afford it!

  • Charm February 27, 2014, 7:27 am

    Wow, very wonderful places. Perfect place to visit.

  • john February 27, 2014, 9:17 am

    I want a pet echidna!

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