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henri lloyd clipper round the world race crew

7 Pieces of Advice to Crew on the Clipper Round the World Race

The start of the 2015-2016 Clipper Round the World Yacht Race is exactly 4 weeks away. Which means there are about 250 amateur crew from all over the world who've signed up for Leg 1 of the race. And about half the crew on each boat have taken a huge leap and committed to doing the full round-the-world-race, which will…

wonder woman patmos greece

30-Day Challenge: Be More Than Just a Little Brave

If you've been following Turf to Surf's Facebook, Instagram or Twitter over the last few months, I'm guessing you've been a tad confused as to where I've been (St. Martin - UK - NY - Greece - France), where Ryan has been (St. Martin - NY - Tanzania - Zanzibar - Greece - France), where our boat has been (Virgin…

catalina 34 sailboat for sale

Hideaway, our Catalina 34, is FOR SALE

Pretty much everything we know about sailing, boats, engines, anchoring, cruising, electronics, plumbing, electrical wiring, carpentry and maintenance, we have learned from Hideaway. Which is why Catalina 34 sailboats will always have a special place in our hearts. But this is it. It’s time. And I’m trying really hard not to get sentimental about this. It’s like picking up and…

st. barthelemy caribbean sailing

Blanc du nil: Sailing to St. Barthelemy

The crazy thing about flying into the island of Sint Maarten is that there's a dinghy dock near the airport where your friends can pick you up with no shoes or shirt on, throw your luggage into their Mercury inflatable and motor you back to your boat just in time for happy hour. Which is exactly what happened when Ryan…

Memorial Day: Remembering my dad, Christian Louis Hacker thumbnail

Memorial Day: Remembering my dad, Christian Louis Hacker

As "Taps" is being played by a woman in an Army uniform holding a trumpet, another man in uniform stands at attention by my father's coffin. In this moment, I'm mostly focused on my mother, who I can feel trembling slightly beneath the grip of my fingers around her shoulder, which is why it takes me a moment to notice…

christian louis hacker obituary

What happens when you write a funny obituary

"I've been getting calls all morning about a garage sale. Tasha, what did you write in the paper?" My mother says in a high-pitched voice, which I recognize immediately from my childhood as the tone that says I'm in trouble. I've just returned from fetching the Albany Times Union from the gas station, knowing my father's obituary would be published…