As the sun rises over Gibraltar

the sun rises over gibraltar turf to surf sailing

As the morning light starts to crack open the cloud-covered sky over the Strait of Gibraltar, I make Ryan a strong cappuccino and give him his 15-minute warning to start his watch. We dropped our mainsail during the night, expecting to hit strong gusts and messy waves near Tarifa with sea states predicted to get worse as the ocean funneled… Read more

Escape to Ibiza or “Top 10 Tips for Living a Little”

I wake up on the floor of the airport in Ibiza, which is a surprise. And not just because I slept in the airport, but because 24 hours ago I had no idea I would even be here. I wipe the drool off my Clipper Race jacket, which I’ve been using as a pillow, and take a good look around… Read more

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