Racing the Clipper Race to Cape Town

Henri Lloyd Clipper Race Cape Town

“No, NO! Go south!” Ryan grumbles, waking me up out of a deep sleep. I open my eyes to find him in bed next to me, glaring at his iPhone. We’re buried under a pile of duvets in a cozy double room at the Amphitheatre Backpackers in Drakensberg, South Africa, fully awake. But it will be some time before we… Read more

Photo Essay: Pilanesberg & Lion Park Safaris

Photo Essay: Pilanesberg & Lion Park Safaris thumbnail

“No, Tasha, you can NOT cuddle the lions. Get back in the car. No, not the giraffes either.” Ryan tends to say this a lot as we drive through South Africa. There are just so many beautiful animals everywhere, it takes all of my willpower to stay in the car and keep the windows closed as instructed when really I… Read more

Travel South Africa (with a little help from Facebook)

travel south africa facebook

There’s no doubt social media can be a huge time waster, what with all the Instagramming of breakfasts and updates about needing a good nap. *yawn*  But I have to say, when it comes to travel, Facebook and the adventurous people that are all over it have made planning so easy these days that I don’t even bother buying guidebooks… Read more