Something’s missing on Hideaway

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“Did you look behind the settee?” I ask. “Yes.” “What about under the V-Berth?” “Yep.” “In the bilge by the back water tank?” “I wouldn’t have put it there,” Ryan says flatly. “But did you look? Because at this point it could be anywhere.” “I looked. It’s not there.” “Wait! What about in the space above the fuel tank? Have… Read more

The Dominican Republic: An Indie Travel Paradise

Independent travel in the Dominican Republic couldn’t be easier. Which is why I’m confused by the droves of tourists who come to the D.R. to stay at the many fenced-in all-inclusive resorts, the sterile havens that offer all-you-can-eat buffets, watered-down cocktails and organized family activities in a “secure environment.” Which is tourism-speak for  “complete isolation from real Dominican life.” Is… Read more

Inspirational Nomads: Sam Rossiter, Fitness Trainer

Inspirational Nomads: Sam Rossiter, Fitness Trainer thumbnail

“What doesn’t challenge you won’t change you!” is a regularly shouted mantra from Fitness Trainer Sam Rossiter while his students are drowning in sweat and their faces are contorted with pain and exhaustion during his classes at Rogue Fitness in Cabarete, Dominican Republic.

Sometimes a crisis creates a community

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When the fire gets within 200 meters of our back yard, I begin thinking about what to pack. Cats, computer, Clipper Race gear, running shoes, camera…oh yeah, passports and documents… is that too much? Can I throw in my iPad? “What? No clothes, but you want your running shoes?” Ryan asks, as I run around the house, flustered by the… Read more

Photo Essay: Paddleboarding in Cabarete, Dominican Republic

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We push our way through the reeds to head back

In a slow, lilting, surfer’s voice, our paddleboarding guide John identifies each plant we see, sometimes tearing off a leaf and shoving it in his mouth. We’ve only known him for 5 minutes, but we scramble after John through a winding natural maze in his backyard leading down to a lagoon, pausing now and then to hear what he says… Read more

Plans are written in sand

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You can have a luxurious day by the pool outside of all-inclusive resorts, too

As I stare at the Macbook on my lap, I’m uncomfortably aware of sweaty, criss-crossed lines being burrowed into my ass from the vinyl pool lounger I’ve been perched on for more than an hour. I’m tapping away in the hot, late-morning sun while Tommy, an eager golden retriever and fellow resident of Bali Hai in Cabarete, is perched poolside… Read more

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