A little land adventure on Long Island Bahamas

With only one day to explore 76-mile-long Long Island Bahamas before pushing on to the Dominican Republic, Ryan and I decide to make the most of our last stop in the Bahamas by renting a car with our friends on m/v Knot Yet and s/v Senara. Our first day on Long Island, a local shopkeeper informs us there is a… Read more

A lesson in spearfishing

lobster spear fishing turf to surf

Brian with the lobster he speared.

Before we left New York back in October, Ryan did a lot of research into island life and what “water toys” we should have on board for our trip. We didn’t own any snorkeling gear, since it wouldn’t have been much use in the brackish waters of the Hudson River. So, before we left, we bought ourselves some flippers, goggles… Read more

Heritage Festival: George Town, Bahamas

heritage festival george town 2013

Musicians flew in from Nassau for the event…

As much as I enjoyed the George Town Cruising Regatta while it was on, I have to admit that once it was over and the cruisers rally to Long Island shifted most of the long-term “stayers” away from Elizabeth Harbor for 10 days, the anchorage took on a very different feel. A much more relaxed one. The voices that bickered… Read more

Photo Essay: Chillin’ in George Town, Bahamas

chat-n-chill george town bahamas

Chat-n-Chill, the cruisers’ hangout of George Town

Turning up to George Town Bahamas for the annual Cruising Regatta felt a little like rafting up to a Carnival Cruise Liner or docking at a holiday camp for vacation. There were announcements every morning at 8 o’clock on VHF channel 72 letting you know the schedule of activities and events for the day, along with general announcements like, “The… Read more

Fuel filters, tanks and pumps, oh my

When we first started cruising, Ryan and I noticed some distinct differences between Hideaway and the boats of experienced cruisers: Most boats had much larger anchors and much more chain than we did. 9 out of 10 boats had a Honda eu2000i generator on board. Yet we didn’t. Jerrycans on deck were a tell-tale sign of a cruising boat. But… Read more

What to do when your engine loses power? Panic.

Let me tell you, nothing gets your adrenalin pumping like when your engine loses power in high winds while you’re sandwiched between two coral reefs. We are in a hurry to get down to George Town before the bad weather arrives and the annual Cruising Regatta starts. Yet, we know from experience that being in a hurry pretty much guarantees… Read more

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