This is an announcement that I will be co-skippering an all-female offshore sailing course in the Bahamas, from January 18-24, with Meg Reilly, the skipper of s/v Hermes ( We are calling this course WOW (Women’s Offshore Week) and we have 6 slots to offer women who want to challenge themselves to reach another level of sailing by learning about… Read more

Food provisioning: 7 regretful lessons

over provisioning bahamas passage

All our leftover canned goods, not including other dried goods

“Do we have to throw everything?” Ryan asks, as we pull cans upon cans of coconut milk, tomato paste, soup and more from the bowels of our galley storage on board Hideaway. “Did I not tell you what happened when these guys returned to their boat in Tahiti after leaving it for six months?” I say insistently, holding up my… Read more

Time to go: Sailing from the Bahamas to the Caribbean

Our passage to the Caribbean from the Bahamas didn’t work out quite the way we expected. Unlike most of our passages so far, where we’ve hoped for light winds to make for calm sailing, we found ourselves waiting in Little Inagua, Bahamas for the winds to increase and come from the north so we could unfurl our sails and cut… Read more

Weather, SSB and the 21st Century

Weather, SSB and the 21st Century thumbnail

We’re lucky that our French buddy boat, Senara, wanted to travel with us from the Bahamas to the Dominican Republic for a few reasons; (1) Captain Morgan was great company, and (2) he had a satellite phone. And if it weren’t for Morgan’s sat-phone, we wouldn’t have had any access to weather reports in Little Inagua, where we waited for… Read more

Spearfishing in Little Inagua, Bahamas

cleaning fish on deck

Getting ready to clean the day’s catch

With absolutely nothing on the island of Little Inagua to entertain us, we entertained ourselves by exploring the water around it and trying our hand at spearfishing to see if we could catch ourselves some dinner. We were inspired by our last fishing trip to Hooper’s Bay, where we watched our friend Brian spear two lionfish and a lobster while… Read more

Sailing the Bahamas: Long Island to Little Inagua

For me, there’s a certain rhythm to traveling by boat; an ebb and flow of movement that requires periods of stillness to balance out my universe. Whenever we’ve stayed too long in any given harbor, I start itching to unfurl the sails and make headway towards the sights, sounds and smells of a distant, foreign land…any land. And I always… Read more

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