Sailing to Morocco: Stress in the TSS

Sailing to Morocco: Stress in the TSS thumbnail

As we quickly tidied up the boat to get ready to sail from Gibraltar to Rabat, Morocco, I examined the charts closely to understand the route we would be taking across the busy traffic channels in the Strait of Gibraltar. There were so many frighteningly large ships moving across the screen on AIS that our chart plotter looked like an… Read more

On Logbooks and Getting Rescued

on logbooks and getting rescued turf to surf tasha hacker

For all the times I have lazily and inconsistently jotted down coordinates and weather conditions in sailing logbooks, I have rarely (perhaps, never) revisited the pages I’ve written. And, frankly, I’ve not put much thought into the circumstances that might force me to reexamine those logs. But as I sit here, looking over the logbook pages of SS2, the five-person… Read more

The Shoreseeker Challenge: Rowing Across the Mediterranean

shoreseeker challenge rowing across the mediterranean

The first time our rowboat capsizes, I am completely unprepared for such a violent experience. Though, it’s true, I imagined this moment many times in flutters of pre-race panics, I also convinced myself that my fears were irrational, that the images in my head of being trapped underwater, held down by the weight of a rolled-over boat, were exaggerations; byproducts… Read more

Sailing to Spain: A Homecoming

ibiza spain travel turf to surf

When we pull into Cala Benirras in Ibiza, after 1400 nautical miles and eleven days at sea, it’s hard to fathom where exactly we are in the world and how far we’ve come. It feels warm and familiar, like we could be pulling up to any island in the Caribbean. It’s the closely packed boats full of naked people that… Read more

Holy shit, we’re sailing around the world? (Thoughts on adventure and anxiety)

tasha hacker turf to surf sailing around the world cheeky monkey

When our Coast Guard registration papers for Cheeky Monkey finally arrive by FedEx, Ryan and I pop open some beers and dance around the cockpit while flashing our blue lights on and off like we’re some kind of floating disco tied to the Fountaine-Pajot docks in La Rochelle. Once that silliness is out of the way, we settle down to… Read more

Way out of my league


By the time I arrive from Greece, Ryan has already been in La Rochelle, France for a week, living near the marina where Cheeky Monkey is getting all her post-factory work done. By now, Ryan knows most of the boats on our pontoon, as well as the guys from Uchimata Sailing Services, who are doing all our installations.   The… Read more

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